2 Great Fitness Programs To Help You Start Your Fitness Journey



With a host of fitness models and trainers, Instagram is one of the best sources of inspiration and motivation to get started on your own fitness journey. If you are not used to exercising or eating clean, you may feel a little overwhelmed with the amount of information or work that it takes to live a healthier lifestyle. If you find that you need a little extra help to guide you through your diet and workouts, some of our favorite Instagram fitness trainers have launched their own fitness and meal programs, and we are telling you all about three of our favorite ones.

  1. Sonia Tlev and her Top Body Challenge, to build a bubble butt; lean, toned legs and a firm body



    Sonia is passionate about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. Her own fitness journey began when one of her friends, who happened to be a trainer, provided her with essential pieces of advice to transform her body, which worked wonders. Sonia started posting pictures of herself on Instagram and quickly became a fitness influencer, sharing her knowledge and workout tips.

    In collaboration with certified trainer Lucile Woodward, Sonia launched the Top Body Challenge, which comprises two fitness programs of twelve weeks each, as well as two meal programs. The programs focus on building a “bubble butt”, while having a fit and lean body and consist in three sessions weekly, of 30 minutes each, dedicated to strength training; and two sessions of 45 up to 90 minutes of cardio twice a week.

    The only things you will need to complete the strength training exercises are a sports mat, dumbbells, a skip rope and ankle weights. The ladder is not mandatory, add them only if you want your glutes to grow. As far as the cardio sessions are concerned, you can complete any activity you want: swimming, dancing, running, biking, hiking; basically anything that will make you sweat and accelerate your heartbeat.

    The results from women who completed the Top Body Challenge are quite impressive. You can check Sonia’s Instagram page at Soniatlevfitness, where she shares some of the transformations.


  3. Kathy Drayton and Luther Freeman, The 30 Day Transformation plan, to build a bigger butt, bigger thighs and slim waist


    Kathy and Luther are certified fitness trainers (they train celebrities too) and they have come up with a 30 Day Transformation Plan, also called the Thick Curvy plan, that focuses around building bigger butt and legs, creating a slim waist and toned body. The 30 Day Transformation plan also comes with a meal plan.
    The good thing about this program is that you check back every week with a trainer (not directly Kathy or Luther, but someone from their team) to see your evolution and you can address your questions or doubts. Kathy’s body is the prime example of how efficient Luther’s method is. He has literally sculpted his fiancé’s body and provides you with the technique he has mastered.

    fullsizerender-27Photo: Instagram kathy_drayton

    Depending on your needs, you have the opportunity to choose between the 30 day plan and the 90 day one, which is obviously more expensive. Note that the plan does require that you have access to a treadmill or elliptical bike.

    The reason why we particularly love this couple is that besides them being extremely talented, (Luther has really mastered the art of literally transforming all body types  to “thick curvy”), their purpose goes way beyond solely training people. They are committed to deeply changing lives. They urge people to realize that nothing good comes easy but if you are willing to dedicate your entire self to achieving your goals, no matter how challenging it might get, you will succeed. The beautiful thing is that when you do achieve your physical goals, usually your whole attitude about your life changes because you have acquired self-discipline and sometimes even self-love.