5 Good Reasons To Work Abroad


Me during happy hour with my friend, taking pictures of one of the products produced and sold by the company I was working for in Barcelona: it was a natural, argan oil-based cosmetic company.

There is nothing like immersing oneself in a foreign culture. It humbles us and makes us grow in more than we can ever imagine, both on personal and professional levels.
Working abroad will enable you to build a borderless future. I’ve listed below the 5 main advantages of be employed in a foreign country:

  1. To Practice a foreign language, or reinforce your skills

Nowadays being bilingual seems to be a must on your CV. And what’s best to learn, improve or master a foreign language than total immersion? Practicing continuously a language with native speakers is the single best way to master it. Working abroad will enable you to reinforce your technical vocabulary, which will be an undeniable asset in the eyes of recruiters.
I highly recommend that your stay abroad lasts at least a year. Because in a few months, you don’t get to improve your language skills significantly, you don’t get to fully grasp the culture or get the chance to build strong friendships.

2. To discover another culture

It’s always very interesting to immerse ourselves in a culture that is different from ours. Discovering new lifestyles as well as new ways of thinking will open your mind. It may sound cliché to say this and you don’t fully understand it until you live it. But from then on, you will no longer judge people according to their ways and attitude (if you did before) or because their viewpoints are at the extreme opposite of yours and what you’ve been taught growing up. You will truly see the beauty of diversity, you will be more accepting of others. I remember one night in London, one of my Indian flatmates

3. To strengthen your CV

The ultimate goal when working abroad is to have the time of your life  to strengthen your academic training and reinforce your CV. In a context of globalization, international experiences have more value for recruiters: It shows your autonomous, open-minded and curious, it also proves that you are able to adapt to different backgrounds and people from different cultures, which are qualities that are extremely sought for. An experience abroad will undeniably differentiate you from the others in the job market.

4. Personal growth

Alone in the midst of the unknown, you will grow in more ways than you will ever imagine. Without your family and close friends, you will have to get by by yourself, which will help you gain self-confidence. You will get to know yourself on a deeper level and will be able to determine exactly what you want out of life. You will come back from your trip a changed person (for the better, of course).

5. New ways of learning

Working methods differ according to countries; You will have to adapt to a learning process that has specific rules, which will enable you to become more versatile.

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