5 WTF Korean Beauty Products


Korea is a land of creation and innovation, not only in terms of technology but also in terms of cosmetics. If you are looking for the last trends in cosmetics, look no further than Korean brands. At the forefront of innovation, Korean brands are always a step ahead with new products and new formulas. They bring the best out of advanced technology and active ingredients to create fun, creative and efficient skincare and makeup products.

  1. Lip & Brow Tint Gel – Peel Off Products

The latest trend tested by many bloggers was called Lip Tint Gel. This consists of a plastic gel-like lipstick that you apply on your lips and let dry for about 30 minutes. After the product has dried you literally have to peel it off your lips. The product does not come off pretty easily and it needs several tries to take it off completely. Obviously not the more convenient lipstick to use, because not everybody has 30 minutes to waste waiting for their lipstick to dry every morning. Once you have successfully taken off the layer of lipstick, your lips come out to have taken a very nice and natural colour. On the other hand, the product is very long lasting. This lipstick is made by a Korean brand called BERRISOM and is available in 7 different shades going from 1# Virgin Red to 7#Candy Orange. You can easily find it on Amazon for less than $10. They also invented a version for brows; this one is made by the famous Korean brand ETUDE HOUSE and works according to the same system than the lipstick gel. My opinion on those products is that they seem fun to try out but not so handy for a daily based use.

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2. Splash Mask

When you hear the words “Splash Mask” it might not be so explicit on what this product consists of. As its name indicates it is a mask that you have to splash on your face. This mask is a concentrate of active ingredients and skin nutrients that you have to dilute in water and splash on your face several times. This is supposed to replace the entire skincare routine. They are made by the Korean brand BLITHE Those masks are parabens-free, perfume-free, mineral oil-free and cruelty free, they are revolutionary and very efficient. They are available in 3 different formulas: Soothing and Healing Green Tea (for combination and oily skins), Rejuvenating Purple Berry (for dull skin), and Energy Yellow Citrus Honey (for dry skin). This really is the kind of products that draws my attention. The product packaging is well-designed and catchy, it looks fresh, young and dynamic. I think this is a very nice alternative for lazy or busy days when you do not have time to go through all your skincare routine. The only negative point is the price of this product. Since the brand is positioned on a high price and quality product, it is a little expensive, you can find it on Amazon for a little less than 40$. This could refrain my craving for this product, but when you think about the efficiency and the fact that it can replace many other products this is worth the price.

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3. Rubber Mask

Rubber masks are basically sheet masks that you have to create yourself. Also called Modeling Masks, they have been used for a long time in Korean Spas for facial treatments since they are very nourishing for the skin, and they just started to commercialize it in occident. Those masks come in a powder form and you have to add water to it to create this rubber-like texture. A little spoon is provided and once you created your mixture you have to apply it on your face avoiding eye and eyebrows area. After the mask has dried, peel it off your face gently and admire your artwork. The powder contains alginate that helps create this rubber-like material. As the mask dries, your skin and pores are being tightened. Two mains brands shares the rubber mask market: ETTANG and LINDSAY, two Korean brands that provide many different kind of formulas made for different types of skins. Beyond the entertaining purpose of those masks, their efficiency makes them worth to try. Available for less than 8$ on Amazon.

lindsay-modeling-mask-cup-pack_1 beautyclicklist-com-korean-rubber-masks

4. Lip Gel patch

Let’s talk about skincare now, I should say lip care with this funky lip product made by Etude House and called Cherry Lip Gel Patch. This a lip mask made from cherry extract, which brings moisture and revitalizes lips. It also removes dead skin cells, moisturizes lips ands makes them “elastic”. Not only does it hydrate lips but also the area around the lips since the lip mask is designed to be bigger than lips size. This mask is meant to be used after cleansing your face. Leave it on for about 10 to 15 minutes and after removing the lip mask, softly tap onto the lips to absorb remaining. I’m not quite sure whether I find this lip mask funny or creepy, it reminds me a bit of the Pokémon called Jynx. Lip care is very important to keep beautiful lips, this is definitely a product worth trying! Available for less than 5$ on Amazon.


5. Nail mask pack

The last product is one I particularly like. As a nail addict, I’m always interested in nail related products, including skincare that can make your nails healthy and beautiful. The Nail Finger Pack is made by Etude House, to bring moisture and bright up frequently coloured, dull fingernails and it surroundings areas. I’m glad brands designs mask for all body area, because the whole body needs moisture and mask packs are the best way to bring moisture and repair damaged body parts. As every other masks, those ones need around 10 to 15 minutes to bring the needed moisture and active ingredients that are going to fix damaged nails. Those are very useful and efficient; nails as other body parts needs nourishing food to be healthy. Each pack contains 10 pieces, one for each finger, available on Amazon for less than 2$.

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