Abs Are Made In The Kitchen


Contrary to popular belief, rock hard abs have nothing to do with the number of sit-ups you do everyday and everything to do with your diet. The food you choose to consume is the key to either obtaining a flat and defined stomach, or having a set of abs that’s hidden under belly fat.

Sporting a great abdominal wall is driven by four components: genetics, body fat percentage, diet and muscularity.

Genetics define abdominal muscle shape; muscularity defines muscles’ size and how much weight you can gain before muscles disappear under fat. Muscularity is then directly linked to body fat percentage. Finally, diet affects your capacity to shed belly fat and uncover your abs.

That is why we say that abs are made in the kitchen. Doing 2,000 sit-ups a day will definitely strengthen your abdominal wall, but if your diet is unhealthy, your abs will always be hidden under belly fat.

Abs Are Made In The Kitchen

If you are eager to show off a lean and sexy figure, start in the kitchen. Abs’ visibility is completely dependent on body fat percentage and where you store fat. Therefore, it is crucial to follow a diet that is less likely to result in fat gain.

Insulin control plays a major role in building abs; so you must avoid at all costs foods with added sugars that lead to insulin spike. Additionally, when consumed frequently, calories contained in foods with added sugar are directly stored as fat instead of being transformed in energy. Read more about the role of insulin 

3 Reasons Abs Are Made In The Kitchen

  1. Foods That Are More Likely To Lead To Fat Gain 

    The food you eat is either transformed by your organism in energy, or is used for storage. For instance, sugars cause your blood sugar to surge and the pancreas to release insulin. Insulin enables cells to absorb the sugar from the food you eat and use it for energy, or store it for future use. When you repeatedly have high-fat and sugary meals, your body’s cells kind of get exhausted and start to resist the insulin, meaning that the sugar can’t be absorbed by cells anymore. Consequently, your body reduces your high blood sugar by converting the sugar that couldn’t penetrate the cells into fats for storage.

    However, sugar that naturally present in fruits and whole grains is actually good for your health, because these nutrients contain fiber.

  2. Foods That Help You Burn Fat 

    High protein foods provide what is called a high thermic effect, which stimulates your metabolism. In other words, the very process of digesting and absorbing calories, burns calories. Isn’t that amazing?! Yes, you read well: you eat, you digest and you burn calories.

  3. Simply Doing Abs Doesn’t Work

    Working out strengthens and shapes muscles but does not make you lean. As far as abs are concerned, doing countless sit-ups will only be beneficial if you follow a healthy diet. You need to lose body fat percentage first, and then you can work on doing abs.