Activity Ideas To Stay Active This Winter In Montreal

Wintertime is often synonym with cocooning, curling up under a warm blanket by a fireplace, stuffing our cheeks with sweet treats – because we’ll have plenty of time to get back in shape before bikini season arrives, or so we think. – Here, at Ze Square, we are all about balancing a little bit of indulging with staying healthy and active all year round. But being active does not have to be boring. ON our article entitled The Ultimate Health, Fitness & Wellness Guide To Montreal, we introduced you to an amazing High Intensity Interval Training gym in town, as well as a great Hot Yoga Studio. On this article, we will be a little more exotic, by presenting to you a Tango studio and a Pilates one.

Are you ready to stretch and dance to the rhythm of Argentinian music? Grab your partner and let’s do this!

TANGO With Studio Tango Montreal

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Located on St-Laurent Boulevard, Studio Tango Montreal offers in their gorgeous studios the most complete selection of Argentine Tango classes in North America. The outstanding team of 12 teachers will sweep you off your feet seven days a week and all year long, with their incredible talent, technique, professionalism and friendliness. The passion that drives them is evident and you can tell how dedicated they are, to bring the best out of every single student.

Whether you are a beginner or at an advanced level, the studio offers different classes that cater to all levels. Doesn’t matter if you have a partner or not, you must give Tango a try by attending Studio Tango Montreal’s free trial classes.

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PILATES With Pilates Du Plateau

You’ve probably heard of Pilates time and time again, and thought it looked a little bit like like Yoga but wondered what exactly this activity consisted in. Well, Pilates is, indeed, similar to Yoga, but it focuses more on the development of your strength, posture, coordination, balance, flexibility and muscular endurance. There is this awesome studio in Montreal, called Pilates Du Plateau, owned by Jun that offer top notched Pilates classes. The service they offer is personalized and classes take place in small groups or in private. The trained teachers at Pilates Du Plateau take great pride in making sure every single student is taken care of during the classes, to make sure they perform movements correctly. Students love the positive energy and warmth that reigns in the studio; Everybody feels welcome and they particularly appreciated that the exercise routine changes regularly and they offer different classes.

In addition to being a Pilates instructor, Jun Liu, the owner, has great knowledge in Chinese Medicine and Tai Chi, which allows her to advise students on how to deal with minor health issues.

You will love the atmosphere and the teachers!

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