Asian Beauty Products: 5 Reasons To Get Started


Back in my teenage years, I remember growing obsessed with my skin condition. Every night I used to spend an hour or so looking in the mirror, counting how many pimples had grown during the day. My self-confidence was then at its lowest and my skin condition did nothing but worsen it. I grew bangs in a desperate attempt to hide how bad my skin looked. I also remember trying all the 3in1 cleansing products that were supposed to make blackheads, pimples and redness disappear all at once. The only thing I got was more pimples and dry skin. At the time I was quite in love with Asia, and Asian woman porcelain-like skin. I started wandering on blogs and website about makeup and got dragged in the wonderland. The first product that caught my attention was the now famous “bb cream”. From this point I learned more each day about the Asian beauty rites and tradition and my skin started to get better, healthier.


  1. The layering method

Healthy is the key word when you want to learn about Asian beauty. Occidental standards on this matter are more about hiding and concealing flaws under tons of over-moisturizing cream and foundation. Occidental women do not have or do not want to spend time making their skin healthy, they need 2in1 cleansing product and 3in1 anti-aging cream. The crucial moment of makeup removal is often skipped and the product they use are 99% composed of water. On the other hand, Asian women give preference to skin care over makeup. The layering is a traditional skincare technique generally composed of 7 steps (but there can be more). The purpose is to use products according to your skin needs in order to make it healthier.

The 7 steps in order are:

  1. Cleansing Oil: removes all makeup, dirt and pollution with softness
  2. Cleansing Foam or Gel: finishes to remove every part of dirt from the skin and leave it fresh and clean
  3. Toner: its purpose is to prepare and condition in order for serum and moisturizer to penetrate skin
  4. Lotion: moisturizing and conditioning purpose
  5. Serum: treats one particular problem of the skin (for instance: acne, dryness, wrinkles)
  6. Moisturizing cream: deeply nourishes skin over night
  7. Eye cream: moisturize the sensitive area around the eye and prevent wrinkle appearance.


Not every steps are mandatory, some can be removed and some can be added. Products may change depending on day or night routine. For example, you can add a sunscreen into your day routine, and use a lighter moisturizer. I wanted to give an overview of what layering can be and what good it can do to your skin. In my personal experience this skincare technique basically saved my skin and its getting healthier each day. The important thing in Asian skin care is not to buy thousands of products and swamp your skin. It is to have the will to start a regular and efficient routine to which you’ll stick, it is more like a way of life, a healthier way of life.


  1. Efficiency

    Asian beauty is based on a one product one problem rule. It means that every product you use from the cleanser to the night cream has one main purpose it can be anti-wrinkle or anti-acne; but the ingredients of the products are all chosen to treat this particular issue. First of all, for your routine to be efficient, you need to know your skin type. You will choose the products that are more adapted to your skin type and skin trouble. Then you can create your routine to focus on one or more skin trouble. The layering method is efficient, and the product used in the routine also are efficient. In Asian beauty even makeup products are designed to treat and make your skin healthier. Most of the bb creams are moisturizing, makeup base prevent skin from becoming oily and pore from being clogged. As I said earlier this is due to the fact that in Asian beauty skincare prevail over makeup.


  1. Trends

Have you heard about cushion? Rubber mask? Splashing mask? If not, you definitely need to catch up with Asian beauty trends! Asian Beauty has always been a step ahead in terms of innovations. Asian brands are trendsetters on the beauty market. Not only do they come up with new ideas, but also new ingredients, snail slime, bee venom, AHA, BHA… The thing is you’ll always find the product that matches YOUR skin needs. There are so many brands and so many choices that everybody can find what suits them better. And you never get tired of it, every month new products, new ingredients come out and it is always so innovative.


  1. Price

Asian cosmetics are very affordable. Of course some luxury brands are pretty expensive, but for most of them the prices are more than reasonable, especially if you order directly from Korean or Japanese online websites. This is a major argument for people who want to get started in Asian beauty and also for people who are already into it. The cheap prices make it reachable for everyone, it is easy to try out new products or to change your routine. Often product sets can be found at reduced prices. The best thing to do is check it by yourself, you can easily find cleanser for less than 10$ on this website: Tester Korea (


  1. Packaging

Last but not least, one reason why Asian beauty products are more and more popular is the care brought to the products packaging. Not only Asian brands bring attention to the inside of the product but also to the outside. This is a very important marketing technique; the outside is the first thing consumers will see. First of all, most of the packaging are made to be handy and easy to use. That involves pump bottles, handy designs, and everything you can think of when your eyes are full of soap. But the thing Asian brands marketing team are best at is to create cute and feminine packaging or classic and elegant ones that will make you want to buy the whole line! Korean Beauty shops for example are like wonderland, full of colours and visual stimulus, it looks good, it smells good and its efficient. What else could you need to be satisfied?

Author: Elisa elisaj

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