Best Brunch In Quebec City – Chez Boulay

Located at the heart of the most popular street in Quebec Ctiy, Chez Boulay is a restaurant owned by two of the most reputable chefs in town : Arnaud Marchand and Jean-Luc Boulay.

They serve one of the most delectable brunches your palate will ever taste. Using high quality local products, the owners have come up with a fascinating menu that revisits traditional Quebecer meals, which are already beyond tasty, and takes them to a level of delight that far surpasses all expectations and leaves customers blissfully happy.

The decor is a flawless combination of rustic and refinement with subdued lights which instantly makes customers feel relaxed. The utmost kindness and efficience of the team, from the waiters to the kitchen’s staff reveals an outstanding working atmosphere that was particularly pleasant to see.

Our server, the enthusiastic Marie-Mai, advised us to start with the house’s special mimosas, made with sparkling wine and white cranberry juice. It was divine. Easily the best mimosa we’ve ever tried so far. We proceeded with delicious lattés.

Instead of ordering one meal each to taste and write about, Guillaume, the chef, spontaneously offered to prepare the entire Brunch menu for us to try and it was the best idea. (When I tell you the staff is amazing, I really mean it’s the finest customer service ever.) In total, we ate four main meals and two deserts.

First we had Le Pêcheur, made with bread pudding, topped with spinach, smoked salmon and poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce, potatoes and salad. Absolutely exquisite and the seasonning was perfect.

Then we had Le Nordique: Flavorsome authentic Quebecer meat pie made with delicious beef and pork, scrambled eggs, homemade ketchup which was out of this world, and potatoes fried in duck fat and salad.

We proceeded to try Le Chasseur, made with blood pudding subtly mixed with pulled pork, puff pastry with mushroom, poached egg and salad.

Now I would have never dared to try blood pudding before, but the flavors were so smooth, I loved it.

Le Bûcheron: Cut off feef, topped with an egg sunny side up and Bearnese sauce, served with what could be the best poutine we’ve ever tried thanks to a homemade gravy that stole the show. The beef was cooked medium rare; it was tender, juicy and overflowing with flavor.

Let’s get to the deserts: first we had Le Bec Sucré, a homemade apple and parsnip cake that tasted heavenly, marshmallow with boreal spices, apple butter and berries.

Sea buckthorn pie. Now we had never tried sea buckthorn before, but these beyond delicious and slightly sour berries that are picked in the North of Quebec, blend heavenly with the sweetness of the pie.


More photos

Chef Guillaume working his magic 

More plates in the kitchen 


Note the address:
1110 Rue Saint-Jean, Québec City, QC G1R 1S4