Best Brunch In Quebec City – Le Clocher Penché

One of the first restaurants that will be advised to you when it comes to having brunch in Quebec City will undoubtedly be Le Clocher Penché. The very popular eatery is always busy, as it is one of the hottest spots to have breakfast in town.

Upon entrance, you’ll notice that the restaurant is decorated with great taste: huge glass windows make the place very bright which is always extremely pleasant. A collection of beautiful portraits painted by the same artist hangs on parts of the eatery’s white walls, while pickle jars hang on the opposite wooden wall, thus creating a beautiful ambiance to enjoy the most important meal of the day with loved ones.

The waiters are extremely professional. As always, we started with delicious mimosas made with freshly pressed orange juice; and extremely good lattés. Then came the verrines that all customers get while they wait for their order: a little taste of heaven before the real meal, jarred verrines are made with Labrador tea jelly, apple purée, yoghurt and granola.

Le Clocher Penché prides itself on using high quality, organic products that are good for our body. For instance, rather than using standard oils, they use essential herb oils, which are healthier and strengthen the immune system. The menu distinguishes itself from other restaurants by its originality and works as follows: The brunch formula costs $17 CAD and comprises a verrine, a plate of your choice, to which you add between 1 to 3 dollars, depending on your order and 2 long black coffees or one bowl of latté. The menu was designed to meet meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans’ needs.

We ordered L’Abbé Chamel, which is made of a poached egg placed on top of a waffle with herbs, ham from the farm Turlo, Brie cheese, homemade béchamel sauce, mushrooms and potatoes; and L’Oeuf Charistie, made with beef flank, chimichurri, egg sunny side up, potatoes, smooth organic carrot purée and root vegetables. The generous portions and the explosion of flavors will definitely have you wish Le Clocher Penché opened a restaurant in your town too!

Note the address: 203 Rue Saint-Joseph Est, Québec City, QC G1K 3B1