Best Hotels In New York – Our unforgettable Stay At The Sofitel NYC

I simply could not have dreamed of a better hotel to stay at, for my first time visiting New York City.

When you think of the “Big Apple”, some of the first things that come to your mind are the 5th Avenue and Times Square, right? Now, imagine you stayed at a luxury hotel located at a two minute walk from these places and within a short walking distance from many more top attractions (such as Broadway and The Rockerfeller Center, only to name a few), as well as great restaurants and bars. Wouldn’t that be synonym with pure bliss? That’s exactly what the Sofitel NYC was for us: a magical home away from home and a perfect launch pad for sight-seeing in The City.

Our gorgeous suite offered a breathtaking view of the City’s buildings that are so emblematic of New York. At night, the landscape was even more jaw-dropping, as a multitude of lights turned on in the buildings.


Our suite was big, luminous and truly felt like our home away from home. The marble bathroom was to die for and the Hermès toiletries smelled divine; the King bed and beddings were soft and extremely comfortable. The separate living room, where could also be found a working space (desk, chair, notepads and pen) was great to relax after long days walking to discover the City. From the balcony, we could marvel at the buildings that punctuate New York City. A combination of modern skyscrapers and old red brick buildings that in my mind, are so representative of NY.

The service was absolutely impeccable, not to mention the staff spoke French, which was highly appreciated. Everything we asked for, the hotel’s employees brought to us in no time, such as a fridge in our room, for instance.

I’ve said this before, one of the things I struggle the most with when I travel, is to manage to still have a healthy diet. So when I realized there was a three-level Whole Foods Market Grocery Store at a 5-minute walk from the hotel, my heart bursted with happiness. As soon as we dropped our bags in our suite, we rushed to the grocery store to buy fruits and healthy snacks for the next couple of days.


Our stay at the Sofitel NYC was exceptional and I highly recommend this hotel for anyone planning on visiting NYC soon!

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