Best restaurants in Quebec City – Nihon Sushi

I’ve previously mentioned that one of the things I love the most when I travel, is being able to eat healthy; and sushi kind of is the best way to satisfy your palate, without compromising your diet.

For over three years, I have been visiting Quebec City quite frequently but had never tried their sushi scene. Last January though, after indulging like never before during the Christmas holidays, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to test Quebec City’s Sushi skills, by having dinner at Nihon Sushi.

Located in the Ste-Foy neighbourhood, this charming, two-floor restaurant surpassed our expectations and made us live a truly exquisite, one of a kind culinary experience. We were completely blown away by Chef Jérémie’s creativity and boldness in adding unusual ingredients to some of his recipes, such as bacon and smoked meat. But the flavour and texture combinations worked perfectly and it tasted absolutely divine! Even more surprising, but equally as succulent, was the dessert, inspired by bagels, donuts and sushi that we savored with a Japanese plum based alcoholic beverage (Gekkeikan). The dessert was slightly sweet, and was covered by different types of fish.

There was a great offering of Japanese beers and a great wine menu.

I loved the atmosphere in the restaurant. It is ideal both for a girl’s night out, or a romantic dinner. And we were told there’s a beautiful terrace in the summertime.

Before attacking the sushi, we tried the restaurant’s Thai soup which was simply divine. I love all things coconut and peanut butter flavoured so this soup tasted like heaven on earth to me.

The plates’ presentation was definitely Instagram-worthy, such as the recreation of a garden made with sushi, for instance, which had me smiling from ear to ear. I love when people put heart into what they do and let their creativity run free!

There was a great variety of fish in the sushi and it melted in the mouth, which is a great indication of the quality of the roll. The rice was perfectly cooked: it was chewy, glossy and the rice balls were sufficiently firm to hold together and loose enough to fall apart in the mouth. The rice to fish ratio was impeccable.: all elements achieved a balance that brought out the best in the fish.

There were two types of soy sauce: one house-made, with white wine which we preferred, and the standard one.

The service was impeccable: quick, professional and efficient. Our waitress was very knowledgeable.

Take a look at the appetite opening photos and don’t forget to book a table at Nihon Sushi if you’re craving sushi in Quebec City!

Note the address: 1971 Rue de Bergerville, Ville de Québec, QC G1S 1J7
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Visit their website: