Camping In Quebec

I was introduced to the joys of camping (and mini heart attacks that are inevitably associated with it) in the real woods last year in Canada. Although I was a little reticent at first, I actually LOVED the experience and can’t wait for camping season to start again.

Coming from France, my vision of camping was, and I’m ashamed to admit it, lame trailers, in lame parking-lot-looking, asphalt-built campgrounds, with lame swimming pools for kids and lame activities organized for grown ups. In other words, nothing I would ever want to partake in.

Naturally, I was surprised to see how deeply anchored in Canadian’s culture camping was, and how meticulous preparation actually goes into getting ready to hit the road, to make sure you cary everything you could possibly need with you. My jaw dropped as I walked along the camping store’s alley for the first time, only to find super light-weight mini utensils, cooking and sleeping equipments, first-aid kits and the list goes on.

Camping made me realize how respectful Canadians are towards nature: campers are extremely mindful not to harm their environment and the gigantic campgrounds are built in forests that are still inhabited by wildlife.

We’ve camped a few times in different Canadian provinces, but this campground was my absolute favorite.

Camping Chutes Fraser:

Located in the Charlevoix region, near Quebec City, this family-owned encampment stole my heart. We spent two weekends there in July and September, and were lucky enough to stay at the same campsite both times, by the Comporté River, which throws itself boldly over a 98 feet high rock, producing a magnificent and picturesque fall that resumes the habitual pace and sleekness of the current, in the Malbaie River.

When the sun sets, a clear, cloudless sky unveils a spectacular host of (shooting) stars that light up the darkness of the night, like I’d never seen before; while the sound of the fire crackling, in unison with the appeasing clatter of the river flowing make for the most magical ambiance.

Early in the morning, a dip in the river is a must to start the day right, before having breakfast and indulging in one of many activities offered by the owners, such as bathing (in swimming pool or river), mini-golfing, hiking, trout fishing, bike-riding in the mountains, swings for kids, bowling or wild fruit picking.

Booking price depends on the types of services you want to have access to (water, electricity) and on your camping style: tent, cabins, trailers.

Take a look at the pictures I took from my weekends there:


Fraser Fall


Our campsite was just above the rocks you see on the left. We’d jump in the river as soon as we’d wake up, even in September, when the water was much, much colder.


Campfire at night



The hiking trail that had me dying 

image image

The view just just one-minute walk from our site