Everything you need to know about facial sheet masks


What are sheet masks?

In a previous article, I explained what was “layering”, how miraculous it was for your skin and the 7 steps that it comprised. I also wrote that some steps could be suppressed or added. Applying a sheet mask is, to me, the 8th step of this technique. The efficiency of those sheet masks is so impressive that it could totally be a permanent step of my layering routine.

  • Facial sheet masks come from Asia. They are particularly famous in Japan and Korea. It’s a face-shaped sheet mask in which holes for eyes, nose and lips were cut. They are made of fabrics like cotton or silk, for instance.

  • Sheet masks are soaked in lotion, contain exactly the right amount of product your skin needs and can be used only once. There are many different kinds of masks according to the effect you are looking for, for instance, whitening, moisturizing, purifying, anti-acne; with many different ingredients, some of my favourite ones are Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Sake and Strawberry.

  • Thanks to their sealed packaging and disposable nature sheet masks are very hygienic and handy to use. You can take it everywhere, in holiday and even on the plane. It takes only a few seconds to apply and you don’t even need to rince your face afterwards.

How to use sheet masks?

  • Whether it is your night or day routine, sheet masks will be the last step of the layering routine. Beforehand your skin needs to be cleansed and exfoliated.

  • Leave the mask on for about 15 to 20 minutes, it is useless to keep it on longer, your skin will not be more moisturized and you could even get the opposite effect, the mask might re-absorb the lotion from your skin if it dries.

  • After hand remove the mask, throw it, and pat skin to make the excess product penetrate. And by the way give your face a little relaxing massage! The morning after skin is fully moisturized and brightened

  • Tip: put your mask on the refrigerator before use for an extra cooling and soothing effect.

  • I recommend using those masks once or twice a week. If your skin is really damaged, you can have a one-week cure by using a sheet mask every day.

More information

  • Face sheet mask really are cheap! Only 2 or 3€ each, there is a wide variety of them, you will have no trouble finding one your skin likes and needs

  • You can find it everywhere online and is even available at shops like Sephora

  • Recently Korean brands started to sell animal-designed face mask, you can become a panda in 5 seconds

  • There are not only face masks, you can also enjoy lips, hands and even feet masks!

The 10 best sheet masks on the market

  1. Annie’s Way – Green Tea Relaxing Mask (Anti acne) 13220096_10209404530614473_1271857431_n-2
  2. My Beauty Diary – Strawberry Yogurt Mask mbd-strawberry-mask-2-2
  3. Innisfree – It’s Real Squeeze Mask Rice innisfree-it-s-real-squeeze-mask-rice-5ea
  4. Erborian – Ginseng Shot Mask (smoothing) erborian-ginseng-shot-mask-15-grammes
  5. LuLuLun – Face Mask Balance Moisture lululun-face-mask-balance-moisture-type-7-days-pink
  6. The Face Shop – Character Sheet Mask 1423038435_l1
  7. Qiriness – Wrap Hyaluronic Aqua (hydrates, smoothes fine lines & wrinkles) wrap-hyal-aqua
  8. Peter Thomas Roth – 24K Gold Intense Wrinkle Mask (anti wrinkles) 13-01-149-li
  9. Holika Holika – Before & After Mask  before-mask-sheet-04-before-date_m
  10. Etude House – I Need You Honey Mask etude_house_i_need_you_honey_mask_sheet__27225-1413428622-1000-1200



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