Gym Bag Essentials

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Going to the gym is an adventure of its own: you have to ensure you’re comfortable and confident in the clothes you wear, so that there’s no uneasiness to perform certain movements or using certain machines; but there are also many other items that will significantly improve your experience at the gym.

We have compiled a list of all the things you’ll need to carry in your gym bag, to make sure you feel on top of the world and can fully focus on being efficient during your training sessions, knowing that you are well-equipped and ready to kill your workouts.

Gym Bag

New Balance Duffle Bag, $34.99

First things first: you’re gonna need a gym bag, but not just any gym bag: a stylish one that’s not too big and easy to carry around, in case you need to walk a long distance to get to the gym. We love this duffle bag by New Balance Canada.


Gaiam Leggings, $78.00

Gaiam Liv Bra, $48.00 

If you’ve just recently started exercising, and provided you are committed to it, you’ll quickly find that working out is a lifestyle and it will take over your entire existence: from what’s in your fridge, to what hangs in your closet, a huge part of your life will be dedicated to being healthy and… looking cute while doing so. You’ll notice that you’ll search for the activewear department in clothing stores, and you’ll have a growing interest for Fitness clothing brands.  Allow us to introduce you to a brand we love, Gaiam, which is a brand dedicated to Yoga, Fitness and Wellness gear.
We love the soothing spirit of the brand. Much like the teachings of Yoga, Gaiam encourages women to be who they are, and promotes respect and love amongst all.
Their products are amazing and accessible to all. We particularly love these leggings and sports bra.
When activewear meets style and comfort, we’re all in!

Exclusive offer: Gaiam is offering Ze Square readers 25% off their entire website – use code ZESQUARE1, valid from Nov. 10, 17 until April 30, 18.

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Training Shoes

New Balance Training Shoes, $110

One of the greatest mistake people make when they decide to start exercising, is wearing an old pair of running shoes they left hanging in their closet ages ago. And although understandable, this may not be the best choice for training. When hitting the gym, you want to look your best, of course. *flips hair* But you also want to be equipped with shoes that are adapted to the type of exercise you’re about to perform. Given that you will most likely combine a little bit of cardio with a whole lot of strength training, the ideal pair shoes is one that is versatile and that will allow you to both sprint and lift weights. Cross-training shoes are ideal for that, as they will give you a solid, flat surface to perform all movements, such as squats.
We particularly like the 711v3 Trainers by New Balance, as they’re very comfortable to perform all movements in addition to being super stylish, of course. It ticks all the items off the perfect training shoe list.

Water Bottle

Love this water bottle by Gaiam. $12.99

Don’t neglect drinking water during your workouts!


Gaiam Gloves, $16.99

When I started exercising, I really thought I didn’t need gloves and those people wearing them were taking themselves way too seriously (and just wanted to show off). Well, I was wrong. Gloves are essential when you start lifting weights, as your sweaty hands will have the weights slip which is uncomfortable and distracts you from performing the movement correctly, and might even cause bruises.

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Whiffcraft Deodorant, $16.00

You’ll need one for before and after the gym!
I absolutely love discovering new cosmetic brands. Especially when I feel that much love and passion is put into the making of their products.
When it comes to deodorants, I like to stick with all natural or organic ones. As you may know, the parabens that are included in practically all deodorants sold on the market have been linked to causing breast cancer. I don’t even know why the utilization of parabens is still authorized in cosmetics in Canada, knowing how dangerous it is, but that’s an entirely different conversation.

Back to the awesome brand I discovered a couple weeks ago and that I adore. It’s called Whiffcraft and it makes an amazing line of natural deodorant pastes that come in these cute packages, smell amazing and last all day. They also come in these cute adventure size sets that you’ll love.

Psst, Whiffcraft also makes Gin Tonic, Latte and Chai Tea flavored lip balms, which I’m also completely obsessed with!

Body Wash & Shampoo

World Hair & Skin Cleanser, $29.00

What’s better than a body wash and shampoo all in one, to carry in your gym bag? We absolutely love this Hair & Skin Cleanser from the brand World. It moisturizes and fortifies hair, enhances shine all while making both hair and skin feel smooth and supple.
Are you familiar with this brand? It makes wonderful natural, luxurious and minimalist skincare products that aim at simplifying your beauty routine all while minimizing their environmental footprint. Their products are all scent, chemical and cruelty-free and we absolutely love them.
We also love their Travel Trio, that comprises three of their products: Clean (above mentioned), Protect (Hair & Skin Moisturizer) & Believe (Hair & Skin Balm).

Where to find World products:

WORLD Hair and Skin Flagship Store – Toronto
Web store:

Montreal Retailer
Annie Young Boutique & Spa
376 Victoria Avenue, Suite 430
Westmount, QC
H3Z 1C3

Protein Bar

As intense workouts exhaust working muscles of their stocks of sugar, one of the most important things to do after exercising is to have a healthy snack, to repair muscles and fill them up with healthy sugar.

An essential item to carry basically everywhere you go, but particularly in gym bags, is an energy or protein bar: it could save your life when you’re starving and don’t want to eat unhealthy, it’s easy to transport, and, when chosen carefully, can contain all the ingredients your body needs to get back on track after training.
There are countless brands offering such snacks and one can be fooled into thinking that the mere fact of being labeled a « protein bar » is synonym with « healthy », when this couldn’t be further from the truth. Most protein bars sold on the market are packed with industrial sugars and are to be avoided at all costs.
One of our absolute favorite go-to brands for snack bars is Enerchia. The Canadian brand makes the tastiest, healthiest and most guilt-free bars, with wholesome superfood ingredients that hold true health benefits such as Organic Chia Seeds, Organic Hemp Seeds, Organic Sunflower Seeds, Goji Berries, Organic Almonds, Organic Quinoa Flakes.
Try their Almond Cranberry bar, their chocolate, coconut, almond bar, or their chewy peanut butter one. You can order a box directly from their website. You’ll thank us later!
Don’t forget your headphones!