Montreal’s Best Brunch


To continue my hunt of Montreal’s best brunch places, I’d like to mention L’Avenue, which is a restaurant I had heard about for the longest time: super trendy, delicious food, are some of the words people always use to qualify L’Avenue and I can’t believe it took me over a year of living in Montreal to actually try their brunch.

I went there a couple of weeks ago, and simply died for their Eggs Benedict, which happen to be the restaurant’s specialty. So I wanted to return to try different things on the menu, take more photos and write about them, because you really can’t come to Montreal without eating at L’Avenue.

First of all, let me just start by getting off my chest how beautifully decorated the place is: the restaurant’s interior design screams ART from wall to wall, all the way to the menu and the restroom, yes, you read well, the restroom (which is by the way, the most creative, original, and artistic restroom I’ve ever seen. I know it’s kind of awkward to insist on the design of restrooms, but you know, I’m just saying, if you go to L’Avenue, go powder your nose or something, the restroom really is amazing).

The eatery has two ambiances: one side of the restaurant has dime lights with red bricks walls partly covered with graffitis and a motorbike suspended on top of a table. On the other side of the restaurant, a huge glass window illuminates the room that is more refined, and decorated with great taste too. The stunning cocktail bar is punctuated by an enormous maple syrup can that is suspended on the ceiling.

No wonder why this place is so popular: Every single visual and gustatory detail, was painstakingly thought out to significantly stand out from any other restaurant in town.

image image

Let’s get to the exquisite food and service: Once you’re given a table, you are presented with the menu and waiters bring watermelon infused glasses of water. By the way, the menu looks like a comic book; so when I tell you that nothing was left to chance, I really mean nothing was left to chance. These guys don’t play. I actually left the place so inspired and motivated by how greatly the owners take care of their business, I wanted to go home and work all day and all night on the blog, but that’s another story. 🙂


Then the waiter came with delicious mimosas made with freshly pressed orange juice. We were starving, so the bubbles didn’t take long to affect us, which was absolutely perfect, ha!


We had fruit skewers while we waited for our Eggs Benedict to come.


I love cheese, so the first time I went to L’Avenue, I had the “De Monsieur Ségin” eggs Benedict made with spinach and goat cheese, while my husband had the Steak & Egg (eggs Benedict), which is one the restaurant’s biggest hits. Both tasted above and beyond divine, but the true stars were the potatoes that came with the eggs Benedict. The potatoes are cooked differently from any other brunch restaurants in Montreal and I’ve tried many. They’re seasoned to utmost perfection with onions and garlic. Just writing these lines makes me salivate.


The second time, my husband took the Steak & Egg again, while I followed the manager’s advice and ordered the Crab Cake (eggs Benedict) and it was out. of. this. world. The cake is home made with (real) crab and whole shrimps and the Benedict are topped with Hollandaise sauce and caviar. Does it get any better than this?

Not to mention that the portions are very generous, the plates’ presentation is mouth-watering and the service is excellent. We also had pancakes topped with dulce de leche cream, white chocolate sauce and splinters of pretzels: exquisite! Take a look at the photos!

image image image image

Note the address: 922 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est
For more info, check and like their Facebook page