Montreal’s Most Original Cafés You Must Try

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As unconditional coffee and café lovers, we are always on the search for places that will offer memorable experiences, thanks to an original concept, an interior design that stands out, and of course, delicious coffee. It seems like the Montreal café scene keeps expanding and is getting better and better. On this article, we’d like to present a list of extraordinary coffee shops that you absolutely need to discover in town.

  1. Montreal Café – Allo Velo Boutique + Café, For Bike Lovers

    Allo Velo is Montreal’s original bike café since 2013. Ideally located in the heart of Griffintown, near the canal, Allo Velo specializes in selling, renting and repairing premium urban European bikes, all while serving delicious specialty Italian coffee in drop dead gorgeous red brick premises that you won’t have a choice but fall in love with: cozy, luminous and stylish with a New York City vibe that will instantly and undoubtedly win you over.

    You’ll love to gather with friends around a cup of café, enjoy some me time, or even plan events there, as the space is perfect for pop up events, product launch, or freelancers looking to meet their clients. The big windows make it a bright space for yoga groups too.

    Allo Velo‘s mission is to encourage a growing number of people to ride bikes on a daily basis – we second that! – The boutique offers a wide range of excellent European and cargo bikes, that are also available on their online store.
    But why European bikes, you ask? According to the owners, they’re simply the best in terms of quality, design and longevity.
    Allo Velo has built a strong reputation across the country. From one city to another, you’ll read of the company’s excellent service, professionalism and the quality of their bikes.


    Oh, and did we mention that you always get a free coffee/espresso drink with their flat tire repair service on bicycle tuneup service? Yup, an amazing place for all Montrealers.

    You know where you’re gonna have your next coffee in town at!
    Note the address: 141 rue Shannon, Montreal
    Phone: 514.937.8356

  2. Montreal Café – Café Chat L’Heureux, For Cat Lovers

    Le chat escalier ! #cafechalheureux #luna #boutique

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    There is such a thing as a café full of adorable cats that you can pet all while sipping on your steaming beverage. Caution, cuteness overload.

  3. Montreal Café – Gab Café Coworking, For Those Who Spend Hours Working/Studying In Cafés

    Can we just start by acknowledging that there is no better place in the world to study or get some laptop-related work then at a café? Okay. Now can you just admit that at times while at a coffee shop, you’ve ordered coffee after coffee when you didn’t particularly want to but felt obliged to in order to be able to work/study there longer? Right! Now can we applaud the opening of a beautiful coworking café in Montreal that you pay monthly ($75) or daily ($12) and where you can consume as much coffee as you want, or none at all without feeling the slightest bit of guilt? Genius. Thank you!

  4. Montreal Café – Olivieri Librairie + Bistro, For The Book Lovers

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    Calling all book lovers, this bookstore/bar/coffee shop will be your dream cocoon on those cold winter days.