No Time

“There’s never a right time to travel in our lives. When we are young, we have the energy and the time, but not the means. When we are middle aged, we have the means and the energy, but not the time. And when we are old, we have the time and the means, but not the energy.”

Most people confessed to me they wish they travelled more often but complain their busy schedule prevents them from doing so.

Let me just start by stressing out how important it is to take some time off from work both on the personal and professional fronts, to recharge and increase productivity as well as creativity.

Now please note that there is no perfect time to travel, just because life will throw challenges your way, mostly work or family related. And it’s up to you to put yourself, your own well being first and foremost and decide to travel a little more often. If you make it a priority to travel, with a little planning, anyone can manage to find some time to get away from everyday routine.

Here are 5 ways that prove you have more time to travel than you think.


Too often people think they need to fly thousands of miles away, for an average of three weeks minimum, to be able to feel on vacations when they really don’t. Don’t underestimate the power of a weekend getaway to be completely recharged. Look for little pieces of heaven on earth near your home. I would recommend not to go to places that exceed 4 hours travel time (take into account the traffic), to be able to enjoy your free time to the fullest. Maybe leave on Friday night, come back on Sunday afternoon.

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I know that Christmas or Easter are big family affairs, however sometimes, you would just rather spend holiday breaks sipping on coconut water straight from the fruit, on a sandy beach in Thailand and I can’t blame you!) Take that opportunity to travel to exotic places if you can.
Make sure you book your flights early because tickets are usually expensive around that time.


Split your two week yearly vacations into 3 to 4 day weekends. For instance, say you take two days off every two months for four months and take 6 days for the summer. You can take a road trip or take several 4-day trips and go miles away for a week during the summer. See what works best for you.


If your job is too stressful for you to even think about taking a vacation, how about you evaluate the objectives you’re supposed to reach, then discuss with your boss on achieving the expected results in one-tenth of the time, for instance, so you could have more time to travel.

Tip: Buy flight tickets on Tuesdays as it is discount day.

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