Quebec City Restaurants – La Planque

Fine dining is often synonymous to quiet and strict eateries where you feel the need to whisper not to bother other clients; quite the opposite of the restaurant La Planque, which is the ideal place to go to for a night of great fun and delectable cuisine in Quebec City. The restaurant is located in the trendy quarter of Limoilou; inside, a beautiful ambiance is created with subdued lights and festive music playing in the background. Whichever your mood, you will find your happiness at La Plaque: In a party mood? the bar section will give you life. Feeling romantic? You will find the more intimate section in front of the wine cellar ideal. Like to see the kitchen staff working their magic? The section at the back of the restaurant will surely satisfy you.

We sat in front of the kitchen and kicked off the night perfectly with cocktails, to the sound of Carlos Santana’s “Maria Maria”. The Friday night fever did not take long to affect us, with the delicious “Sangria de La Planque” and the “Maple Old Fashion”, made with bourbon knob Greek, maple syrup, orange and angostura bitters, that we ordered.

We proceeded with delightful aranchinis, made with homemade mascarpone cheese, lemon zest, grilled calamari, capers and celery root purée. The explosion of flavors set up the tone for what was about to be an incredible culinary experience.


We proceeded with the Gaulois Cheese Panna Cotta, made with creamy butternut squash which tasted absolutely heavenly, smoked butternut squash curls, lamb’s lettuce, pumpkin seeds and walnut vinaigrette with white wine.



Deer gravlax with black garlic, marinated mushroom, smoked parmesiano topped with watercress salad with red wine.

We had a glass of smooth orange wine, which was one of the highlights of the night, since it was our first time hearing about and trying such a wine. As our wonderful waitress Marie-Claude explained, orange wine is white wine that is vinified like red wine. The color orange is provided by the white grape’s skin during the fermentation stage of wine production. Rarely will you ever have the opportunity to broaden your general knowledge at a restaurant, so believe it or not, we were really excited about that!

We then proceeding to the exquisite homemade Cavatelli, some more wine, beef and sweetbread.

The Sweetbread, made with cornmeal crust, sage gnocchi, glazed shiitakes, salsifis, mushrom purée with brown butter and thyme sauce.

The beef was perfectly cooked, tender and juicy.

Dessert was all sorts of exquisite. We shared a delectable Lime Pie and Frozen Nougat with another glass of white wine. The Frozen Nougat, made with pistachio cake, chaga jelly with white balsamic vinegar, lemon cream, king chips, pine powder and smoked buttermilk ice cream; totally stole the show. When we asked Ann-Rika, the restaurant’s baker what was the inspiration behind the creation of this sweet taste of heaven, she passionately replied that she was inspired by Fall and still-life. She had an idea of scent and flavor and turned it into this above and beyond delicious dessert.

Which leads me to my next point. This article would not be complete without mentioning the staff; from our waitress, Marie-Claude, who was extremely knowledgeable, professional, enthusiastic and pleasant; to the kitchen staff: Ann-Rika, Joel, Samuel and Thomas; whose talent, heart and passion for their craft makes experiencing dinner at La Planque even more extraordinary.

Special thanks to Fred, the co-owner, for taking such wonderful care of us.

And the the final note, the coffee!

Note the address:

1027, 3E AVENUE