Regina Best Hotel – The Hotel Saskatchewan, Autograph Collection

As we drove back from the West side of the country to Montreal, we decided to stop by Regina for one night, at the magnificent Hotel Saskatchewan, Autograph Collection. What a magical experience it was! My jaw dropped to the floor as I discovered the architectural and interior design splendor of a hotel that was unlike any other we had ever stayed at before. The four star hotel stuns with its historic charm, utmost elegance and grandeur of the time it was built, in the early 20’s, that was maintained throughout the years while offering modern comfort. It truly felt like we were in another era and we loved every second of it. We found out as we explored the hotel that every room was as breathtaking as the other: from discovering our gorgeous room (with a huge walk-in closet and beautiful marble bathroom), to just using the elevator, or going back down for drinks and dinner in the impressive bar with huge vintage-looking chairs. Golden and marble are the predominant color and materials in the hotel, which definitely add to the sophistication fo the hotel. By the way, dinner is served until midnight, which was perfect for us as we arrived early in the evening, we didn’t have to rush to go to dinner: we took our time to settle in our room and relaxed a little before heading to the restaurant.

Fun fact: we were told that the Queen of England has her suite in this hotel for when she visits Regina and she does not want it to be renovated, so it is exactly like it was when the hotel was built in the twenties. Our room was on the same floor as the her suite, but unfortunately, we did not get a chance to visit it.

Our room

The lobby

The bar/restaurant

The bar/restaurant

Appetizers (yum!) 

We couldn’t get enough of the bar/restaurant. It looked dropped seat gorgeous. 

Dinner! Steak for my husband, which he loved.

Salmon for me. We appreciated the fact that the chef came to make sure we enjoyed our dinner. 

Breakfast at “The Hotel Sask” was incredible too. The room itself was out of this world; punctuated by huge chandeliers and beautiful paintings, vintage-looking chairs; and screamed luxury from wall to wall.

It was our first time seeing a cook actually making an omelette on the spot for every guest who ordered one and we could choose which ingredients we wanted in it. The omelette was made in front of us. There was also an amazing buffet with super healthy options such as nuts, yogurts, hard boiled eggs, freshly cut fruits; there were also pastries, different kinds of meats and many other things to please everyone.

Unfortunately, as we arrived at the hotel late and left early the next morning, we didn’t have time to explore more of what the hotel had to offer such as the spa and the fitness centre. But we can’t recommend enough that you stayed at The Hotel Saskatchewan if you plan on visiting Regina. You’d be in for an unforgettable experience!

Breakfast room

Cook making our omelettes on the spot, which we loved.

Have you ever seen a more beautiful buffet (room)? 

Peeled and cut fruits

Morning in our room.

We would like to thank Tourism Regina for arranging our stay and The Hotel Saskatchewan for hosting us.