Rose & Crown: Hands Down Banff’s Best Bar & Restaurant With A (Breathtaking) View

One of our summer absolute favorite things to do, is ending our days on the patio of a bar/restaurant, with a gorgeous view. You know, the type of atmosphere that really makes you feel like you’re on vacations, that allows you to fully unplug and instantly relax. The first time we went to the Rose & Crown, the weather was unfortunately a bit chilly and the patio was closed. The second time around, the sun was shining so brightly, we hid under a parasol on the terrasse, all while taking in the breathtaking view of Banff’s magnificent mountains, after a long hike. I must say, service was top notch both times. Actually, if I’m being completely honest, the first time around, the Rose & Crown were expecting us to come, so I guess we would have expected great service, but the second time no one knew we would come and the waiters were different so no one even knew us and we had the absolute best service in the world, mark my words. We ordered beer and a margarita along with nachos that were to die for. Oh and by the way, the portions were really generous which was beyond appreciated. When the server brought our nachos, we realized we had forgotten to mention that we didn’t want onions because of an intolerance to it. We were a little uneasy to tell the waitress but we had to because we wouldn’t have been able to eat it otherwise. When we finally told her, she ever so kindly took our plate and came back a few minutes later with a brand new one without onions.

Our first time at the Rose & Crown was also amazing: we were starving after what could be the most exhausting day mountain biking and devoured burgers, fries and drank cocktails in a nice atmosphere. We ordered succulent hot chicken wings, then I went for the veggie burger that was absolutely divine! My husband loved his Alberta Beef Dip burger too. Did I mention that the frozen margaritas (both the lemon and strawberry one) were delicious? Oh, and they have a great selection of beers too! So if you plan on visiting Banff soon, you must go to the Rose & Crown. Satisfaction guaranteed!

See photos and address below:

Check their website and note the address:

202 Banff Ave
Banff, AB, Canada
T1L 1B5