The Ultimate Gift List For The Coffee Lover In Your Life


Image: Pinterest

We’ve all posted on our social media pages at least once in our lives, a meme that read “But first, coffee“. That is to say how crucial savoring a steaming cup of coffee seems to be to some of us; to start our mornings right, cure a bad mood, brave the cold, fix a horrible day, or to keep us company on a long day of work.

And if you’re not part of the caffeine addict circle, chances are, someone on your holiday list is. We all have a friend or family member that feels they can’t survive without coffee. And if you were wondering what to get them for Christmas, we have a list of great items that will the day of the coffee lover in your life.

Lagostina Coffee Press

Many coffee connoisseurs claim French press makes better and more flavorful coffee, as the French press keeps all the oils and fats from the coffee grounds, whereas filter papers in drip machines absorb them, which results in less flavor.

Lagostina Espresso Maker 

Contrary to popular belief, these Italian Coffee Makers don’t make espresso coffee, but they produce (the most delicious) Moka coffee and we are huge fans of this 6-cup traditional, Italian inspired Coffee Maker. It heats up quickly and efficiently and makes delightful and aromatic espresso coffee.

Canvas Matte Gold Coffee Spoons 

Canvas Cup & Saucer 

Bubba Tumbler