Top 3 rooftops in Barcelona

As I started working in Barcelona, my colleague, a fellow French intern who had already been living in the city for 6 months, took me for an early happy hour on the rooftop of the Museum of History of Catalonia (Museu d’Història de Catalunya).

Comfortably settled on a white couch, with the sun shining brightly above us, I feasted on the feeling of its rays on my skin, secretly rejoicing at the thought of soon turning brown-ish, and relished every sip of that ice cold Diet Coke I had ordered, all while enjoying the Cuban music that was smoothly playing in the background. The beautiful view over Port Vell only adding to the magic, it felt like time had stopped, and I revelled in that moment.
The terrasse was located 5 minutes away from my apartment, and quickly became my friends’ and my favorite spot to gather after work or just to watch the sunset while enjoying a few cocktails after a day at the beach.

Poseyyy 🍸🍹

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Took my best friend there, when she came to visit me from the UK


After work with a bunch of cool people 


Me, showing off on Snapchat, trying to get on my friends’ nerves 😀

A few months into my internship, as my friend M. and I had decided to meet after what seemed like the longest day at work, I suggested we tried the rooftop of the 1898 hotel, on La Rambla, which I had heard, was very nice.
La Rambla is Barcelona’s busiest and most famous street; especially during the summer months, where it teems with tourists, becoming every local’s biggest nightmare. – oh yes, I considered myself a local for 5 months- The thought of finding a relaxing haven of peace on La Rambla sounded unthinkable, thus explaining my hesitation to go on the terrasse of the 1898 hotel at first, but boy was I wrong.

Wherever Heaven is, it must look like that terrasse.
We arrived on the rooftop around 6pm, breath taken by the beauty of this place. The sun was setting above the clouds, painting the sky with the most beautiful shades of grey, dark bue and pink. On one side of the terrasse, the deck chairs circle the swimming pool, offering a priceless view of the city. On the other side, the cozy atmosphere created by two rows of king size beds and big couches facing each other, was enhanced in the night time, by the subdued lights put besides every bed and couch.  We laid on one of the beds, curled up in the smooth blankets that were placed by our side and watched the night fall, as we savored a piece of pie, along with delicious vanilla ice cream, served by the nicest waiter. We could have spent the whole night there.

So if you are planning on traveling to Barcelona, – even more so if you are going with your significant other – do yourself a favor, and organise a romantic date on the rooftop of that hotel.






Pressing fast forward to the last weeks I spent in Barcelona.
On my way home from work, M. called me, asking whether we could have a chat over a drink. Of course, I said YES! There was nothing I loved more than gathering with friends, and watch the sunset, all while sipping on a cocktail!
I had found out that there was another terrasse nearby my apartment, on the rooftop of the Duquesa de Cardona hotel, right across the street from Port Vell. M. agreed to go there.  It was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.
I had a delicious Sex On The Beach, M. drank a glass of wine and we had a delightful time. Have a look at some of the pictures we took.


photo-2 - copie 2

Please don’t pay attention to my “caught off guard” face. 🙂  


To sum things up, here are my Top 3 terrasses in Barcelona:

1) Terrassa de Les Indianes (1881 Per Sagardi) on the rooftop of the Museu d’Història de Catalunya. I would recommend to go there for the sunset.

2) Terrassa La Isabela on the rooftop of the 1898 hotel

3) Duquesa de Cardona hotel rooftop