Victoria Best Hotels – Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa

As I sat down to write this article, I wondered how in the world would I find the words to describe a hotel experience that had yet to be topped; an experience of which, unforgettable memories were made. Memories still so striking over two months after our stay, that if I close my eyes, I can almost hear the cristalline noise of our Sea Cider-filled flutes clinking as my husband and I toasted to Love and Happiness in our balcony, shortly after settling in our suite; I can still clearly see myself plunging in the gorgeous pool towards the end of the afternoon and can almost feel the sun burning my skin as I laid poolside while marveling at the view of the bay and the mountains from afar, before returning to our suite, where the floor to ceiling windows allowed for the last moments of sunshine to softly fill the entire room. We relaxed and got ready (in our spa-like bathroom that was to die for) for what was going to be a formidable dinner experience on the patio of the resort’s restaurant.

The view from our suite

My intention with this article is not only to describe the beauty of this hotel and the flawless service we received, but also to express the tranquil feeling of peace and delight that enveloped us and I’m sure, every other guest at the hotel, from the moment we dropped our bags in our suite. If I had to depict our stay at Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa, “heaven on earth” would be the expression I’d use.

Every little detail contributed to making our short stay at Brentwood Bay Resort a marvelous one that is going to be hard to beat. From the warm and extremely professional welcome as we checked in, that included a tour of our suite and explanation of all amenities; to the superb suite itself, with an ocean view and a balcony; to the swimming pool, the hot tub, the restaurant’s patio with an unbelievable view; the Marina & Eco-Adventure Centre that allows guests to explore Brentwood Bay by water with Kayak or Paddle Board rentals, all the way to the weather that was all sorts of perfect; our experience was impeccable. The service was remarkable; and the one we received at the restaurant was no exception.

Speaking of which, we arrived on the heated patio just in time to enjoy a drink while gazing at the gorgeous sunset that painted the landscape in splendor of orange, pink, gold, and blue.
I had a Mojito, while my husband ordered a Dry Martini. The cocktails were amazing. Having lived in Barcelona, where many Cubans own bars, I know what a good Mojito tastes like and the one I had at Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa reminded me of those unforgettable nights in Barcelona, which had me smiling from ear to ear. My husband’s Dry Martini was strong and he said it was excellent. For appetizers, we had Creole Prawns (yum!) and freshly shucked oysters; we then proceeded with a delicious Seafood Bisque, made with prawn mousse, trout roe, harrissa cracker (adored it!) and micro greens. For entrées, we had Mushroom Ravioli for me, because I’d simply have pasta over anything in life, and my husband had the Aspen Ridge Steak, which he raved about for an hour. The Ravioli was creamy, cheesy, above and beyond tasty; and accompanied by an excellent red wine that was advised to us by our waitress.

We returned to our room, light-hearted and our stomach full. We sat on the balcony and marveled at the spectacular star-spangled sky, before warming up by our suite’s fireplace and falling asleep in the most comfortable King-size bed. If this is not the definition of heaven on earth, I don’t know what is.

See more photos below and check out Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa’s website for more information.   

The Marina 

The Restaurant

The Patio

The Steak!