What You Need To Know About Abs… And An Exercise Guide To Work Abdominal Muscles

Whether the goal is to get fit or lose weight, obtaining a flat stomach and developing tight abdominal muscles is almost always one of women’s main aim. People throw themselves in all sorts of diet plans and perform dozens of ab exercises to sculpt and strengthen the abdominal wall, without really understanding how these muscles work and what needs to be done in order to really see prominent results.

Before going any further in this explanation, it is important to stress that we, at Ze Square, do not think women need to be skinny, have a flat stomach and ripped abs to be or feel beautiful. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. However, we 100% encourage all women to be healthy; which means paying attention to your nutrition; eating clean to feed the body with the right nutrients and prevent countless diseases; and exercising several times a week combining cardio to keep the heart in shape and strength training to prevent potential back, or knee pains as one grows older.

Back to abs: Abs are often thought about as one plain muscle when in reality, they are made of four groups of muscles that each need to be targeted with specific exercises to build a lean and nicely shaped six pack.

But as we explained in a previous article, abs are first made in the kitchen: one can perform ab exercises all day without ever seeing the shape of six pack. Carbs are a flat stomach’s biggest enemy. Cutting carbs altogether is extremely hard so we would advise you consider limiting carb consumption. Eat whole foods, lean meats, drink a lot of water. If you are hungry in between meals, go for healthy snacks: eat nuts, or fruits. Try to stay away from protein bars or energy bars as they are full of sugar. Read our guide to eating healthy here.