6 Foods You Think Are Healthy But Aren’t

Smoothies, low fat products and soups are good for you, right? Well, not always! Here is a list of 7 seemingly healthy foods that you should cross off your list.

1. Premade Smoothies

We are led into thinking that smoothies are one of the few beverages that are actually good for our health given their high content in fruits and vegetables. In reality, store bought or premade smoothies can contain 650 up to 1,000 calories, making them more caloric than cheeseburgers! Due to the large quantities of sugary, industrial fruit juice; milks; yogurts or other sweeteners, premade smoothies are anything but healthy.

Don’t give up on drinking smoothies though: cut and freeze fruits and veggies and make your own smoothies at home; that way you’ll know they’re healthy.

2. Frozen Yogurt

Popular belief is that fro-yo is a healthy alternative to ice cream, thus tricking people into thinking they can eat more of it. For the same serving size, frozen yogurt contains more sugar than ice cream. And if you add sugary toppings, you increase sugar level. Additionally, the freezing process used to produce fro-yo kills some of the healthy attributes found in regular yogurts.

3. Granola

Granola is supposed to be the healthiest alternative to cereals because of a higher fiber content. Consume with moderation: Indeed, most granola brands are packed with refined sugar.

4. Protein bars

Portein bars are about as healthy as… candy bars! But with higher fiber and protein content, which you should be getting from opting for a combination of fruit and nuts, for instance; it would be a much healthier snack option than sugar packed bars.

5. Low-fat everything

First of all, low-fat does not mean low-sugar. It is actually quite the opposite! Second of all, your body needs healthy fats to function properly. So instead of choosing low-fat flavored yogurt, go for the plain option to which you could add a tea spoon of maple syrup or honey, if you want it to be sweeter.

6. Canned soup

Canned soups contain toxic ingredients such as MSG’s, which is an additive that is used to add flavors. MSG’s have been linked to weight gain, inflammations and neurons destruction in “the developing brain”, among other terrible effects. Canned soups also contain GMO’s and pesticides, if not labeled USDA Organic. Additionally, the sodium (salt) content is extremely high.Sodium promotes fluid retention in the organism and worsens cellulite.