Abs Workout – You’ve Been Doing It Wrong All Your Life

We are often misled into thinking that performing hundreds of ab exercises daily will undoubtedly be the key to sculpting if not a six pack, at least a flat stomach.

But there is one essential point that is often forgotten: one can do abs exercises all day without ever seeing even the hopeful signs of six pack abs.

Why? Because the body fat that envelops the stomach does not disappear thanks to abs workout. It’s actually quite the opposite: some of the fat transforms into muscles; so instead of having a lean figure, you might notice the vague shape of an ab which will encourage you to continue, but that’s pretty much it. The muscles you build will remain hidden under body fat.

In order to have visible abs and a flat stomach, one must first lose body fat percentage, which can only be done through cardio exercises and a healthy, low carb diet. We can’t stress this enough: nutrition will be the key to a lean figure.

Instagram fitness models are so wildly popular; they can be both a source of motivation and frustration at the same time, because women compare their fitness results to other females they see on social media. You’d be surprised to know how strict of a diet all these “fitness models” follow. If you knew, trust me when I say you’d give up wanting their body.

Going from an unhealthy diet to a very restrictive one overnight is never a good idea. And that is exactly why you should not put any pressure on yourself. It’s not about the end result of being slimmer or fitter; it’s about the journey to a healthier version of yourself. So don’t be in a rush to achieve any results, because you would run the risk to injure yourself in the gym, or you could get discouraged with your healthy diet easily.

Try to think of it this way: You can’t fix years and years of living a sedentary and an unhealthy lifestyle in just a couple of weeks of eating healthy and training.

Change takes time, effort and dedication.

Remember this every time you feel like giving up.

My advice would be to slowly incorporate healthy habits to your life. And don’t ever compare yourself to other women. You can think of the type of body you would like to achieve but that’s it. Comparing yourself to other people can only result in frustrations. Always remember that you are on your own journey.

That fitness journey is about being healthy first.

Sugar plays a huge role in appearance of muffin tops, and overall body fat percentage. So when deciding to change your diet to a healthier one, there are a few things that you absolutely need to do:

Reduce sugar, especially processed sugar, as much as you can: a low carb diet is always advised for weight loss. So many foods that we wouldn’t think contain sugar actually do: canned products, frozen ones, white rice, bread, hamburger buns, spaghetti sauce, and the list goes on.

Build your meals around fresh fruits and vegetables.