For The Love Of Culture Let’s Make Intelligence Cool Again

Aren’t we, as human beings, supposed to evolve continuously throughout the journey of Life? How is it possible that the minimum educational level required to comprehend presidents’ speeches has downgraded from 12th grade in 1858 (18 years old), to sixth and seventh grade (11 years old) in 2000? It is certainly not that 11 year-olds are now cultured enough to understand grown folks’ conversations. Rather, the findings of this study suggest that the language used by politicians and many public speakers has downgraded throughout the years. And the degradation of language is the first alarming sign of the loss of culture.

I find it very disturbing that the youth of today is so obsessed with reality TV shows that solely showcase the lowest, dirtiest and most degrading behaviors, especially regarding women; not only do these shows contribute to perpetuating negative stereotypes about females, but they also encourage young girls to actually think such actions are acceptable. Rap and Pop Cultures, along with the media outlets that cover every news related to these artists have the deepest influence on young people but they mainly promote sexuality, violence, big breasts and big butts; fame; celebrities; getting rich and physical appearance. What do they teach these kids? These young girls grow up not caring about anything but superficial things, looking good, being famous or finding a man that is. Then they find themselves in situations with people who are highly cultured, typically at work, and they’re not even able to say a word. Then they feel frustrated but still won’t do anything about it.

What happened to real Culture? The one that actually elevates spirits, enriches minds and educates people: literature, plays, philosophy, real music, art.

Nowadays people want to be entertained. Every minute of every day. And they are; from TV to magazines, to social networks, every media outlet constantly bombards us with useless news. So much so, that people don’t even stop to think about real issues.

Start discussing politics, economy, philosophy, art; they will yawn in annoyance. Or maybe they simply don’t possess the knowledge to feed the conversation and they’re clearly not interested in broadening their general knowledge either. It’s too serious. It’s not fun. It requires too much thinking. Anything involving minimal time and effort will be laid aside. Women want to lose weight or get fit, but will try to find a quick fix instead of committing to eating clean and training regularly. People want to fulfill their dreams, but think their talent will suffice in rapidly getting them to the top, not knowing that one will inevitably go through failures and hardships before being successful; and as a result, they quit the moment it gets too challenging.  Do you see how mediocre our generation is? Do you realize how serious and alarming the situation is?

Our generation wants fast food, entertaining hobbies, light conversations and easily obtained everything. They don’t understand that anything you don’t earn, you will lose. Because there is something that you learn while you earn that makes you able to keep it, that toughens you up, that prepares you, that gives you the fortitude and the tenacity to keep it. But if you get things easily without earning them, you lose them because you didn’t take the classes to maintain them.

Talk celebrity gossip or even plain gossip and NOW you’re deemed interesting.
What is so fascinating about watching a woman snatch another female’s hair in a TV show; throw a drink at her and be plain disrespectful; or help a famous family make millions by watching their show, trying to imitate their attitude, style, makeup, all while not doing anything concrete to be successful yourself? And by successful, I don’t mean trying to be famous. I mean actually figuring out what makes you happy and dedicating your life to fulfilling it. Our generation’s intelligence level has dropped the minute Culture has been turned into an entertainment industry. It has gotten out of control and it has to stop. Let’s bring back real Culture. Let’s make intelligence “cool” again.

What we watch or listen to, the people we gravitate towards have a direct influence on the way we behave, on the way we perceive the world; on the way we think, whether we realize it or not; we are a product of our environment. It is crucial to make sure our environment is conducive to growth and excellence; or at the very least, ensure it does not promote mediocrity. Although romantic movies and romance books will make you fantasize about Prince Charming; Pop or Rap music might change your mind on a bad day, but how do these things make you a better person? What value do they add to your life? Do you ever stop for a second to reflect on yourself in silence? On where you are right now in your life, where you want to be in the future and how you’re gonna get there? The entertainment industry has built a generation of lazy people. The entertainment industry has established the cult of fame and crazy beauty standards that has so many women feel unworthy and uncomfortable in their own skin. The entertainment industry has killed culture and made people stupid and it’s about time people realized that. Read more. Not useless books, read stuff that are going to shape you into the best version of yourself: personal development, philosophy. Enrich your mind with history books, so you can actually hold a conversation and forge your own opinion on key matters, without allowing biased mass media to blind your mind.