Les Sommets Charlevoix – Best Luxury Cottage Rental Company In Charlevoix

The incredible beauty of the abundant nature that punctuates the landscape contributes to making Charlevoix one of the most stunning regions of the Province of Quebec. And you can already get a glimpse of its beauty on the road, as the sight of the mountains that tower over the magnificent Saint Lawrence river show up from afar.

We drove to Petite Rivière St-François in Charlevoix to relax for a few days a couple of weeks ago. We booked a dreamy cottage with luxury cottage rental company, Les Sommets Charlevoix and boy was it amazing. But before I get into further details about our stay and why it could not have been more magical, let me tell you more on Les Sommets Charlevoix and why you must book a stay with them.

Les Sommets Charlevoix enables you to live the hotel life in a luxury cottage, with five-star service available and absolutely anything you might need to have an unforgettable time and disconnect from your everyday life. Don’t feel like cooking? Simply let them know and they’ll send a chef to your cottage; they can also get you cooked vacuum meals, or send you a caterer. Don’t have time to go to the grocery store or get a bottle of wine? They will deliver your groceries and alcohol to your cottage. The previous weeks have been rough on your nerves and stress level? Get a massage at your cottage, or relax at the heated exterior pool with the most magnificent view on the mountains; try the sauna or the whirlpool bath if your cottage does not possess a private one; ice skate or play hockey on one of their ice skating rinks. Les Sommets Charlevoix also offer countless activities both for adults and children, such as snowshoeing, or hiking and games for children. Plus, you don’t even need to bring snowshoes or ice-skates because they have plenty you can borrow! And certain cottages allow you to bring your pet. Oh, and Les Sommets Charlevoix are located five minutes away from the Massif (mountain) for those who want to ski.

The heated exterior pool was a bliss. It was -13° C outside. 

The view from the ice skating rink. 

Now let’s get to the cottages. Les Sommets Charlevoix offers 43 cottages, most of them offer the most breathtaking view on the mountains and on the Saint Lawrence river.

The cottage we stayed at, seen from upfront on the sunny day we arrived and from the top of the road after it had snowed the next day. 

Cottages are all fully furnished with everything you could possibly need: kitchen, bedroom and bathroom equipment, BBQ, fireplace and some cottages have a private spa.

The bathroom was SO fancy. No picture could do it any justice. 

We spent three of the most blissful days at Les Sommets Charlevoix. It really was the ideal way to retreat with the family. After discovering that all three rooms had huge glass windows with a view on pine trees that I couldn’t wait to wake up to …

… I rushed upstairs only to discover an even more jaw-dropping view as glass windows all around the living room offered a sublime view that was magnified by the sunset that painted the sky with the most beautiful pink, blue and orange ribbons. I was on cloud nine.

Candid photo. We were really all glued to the windows. 

The view was great, but the living room and the kitchen’s design also left me speechless. I loved the neutral tones and the wooden pieces of furniture that breathed luxury from wall to wall; and the large open space with abundant light coming in.

We thoroughly reveled in gathering by the fire at night, waking up and savoring a steaming cup of coffee with the view, enjoying the amenities on site such as ice skating, playing hockey and jumping in the heated pool, or relaxing in the private spa of our cottage.

Nobody wanted to leave after our three-day stay but you know what they say, “all good things have to come to an end.”

If you ever plan on visiting Charlevoix or if you are looking for destination ideas, we highly recommend that you book a stay with Les Sommets Charlevoix. The place is a dream; ideal for families with our without kids, couples or friends and is located at a ten-minute drive from Baie St-Paul, which is a charming town that teems with art galleries, cute restaurants and a beautiful beach. Your stay will truly be unforgettable.

Take a look at the video tour we made below and see for yourself how dreamy it is. For more info: http://sommetscharlevoix.com/