Mercedes Benz and Live Nation Canada Present Mercedes Benz Star Access


We just came back from the most sensational weekend road trip to the Charlevoix region. A road trip that was all the more unforgettable that it was completed at the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz SLC 300. A silver roadster which utmost elegance hid incredible power and turned heads everywhere we went, from young boys exclaiming “Oh my God‘s!” as we drove by, to couples slowing their stroll down to marvel at the beauty and finesse of the vehicle’s lines and curves, to a lady walking up to us repeating how sublime the car was, as we parked at Port au Persil.

As part of us driving this Benz, we also had the opportunity to attend Arcade Fire’s recent concert in Montreal, thanks to Mercedes-Benz Star Access, which is a program that gives Mercedes-Benz Canada customers access to premium concert tickets for Live Nation Canada concerts across the country. (Customers can buy these tickets by email or phone, through an exclusive perfectly bilingual Concierge Service, how cool!).

How does it work and who can use the Mercedes-Benz Star Access service?
The Concierge Service is available to anyone who has bought a Mercedes-Benz or smart fortwo at an authorized Canadian Merces-Benz dealer. In order to obtain their concert tickets, customers will be asked to validate their ownership status by sharing their VIN (vehicle identification number), the name of their purchasing dealer and postal code to the Concierge.

I must say the Concierge Service is really efficient. I emailed it outside of its operating hours (between 11 a.m and 7 p.m ET), and provided all the information required (above mentioned), adding that I wanted two tickets for Arcade Fire’s concert. I got my tickets emailed to me the next day, less than 24 hours after I had sent my inquiry. The Concierge also asked for my phone number so that they could call me directly in the event that something happened and the concert was cancelled, which I thought was the definition of excellent customer service. Mercedes-Benz Star Access offers premium tickets based on a first-come, first-serve basis and sections vary according to the artist and venue. Our seats at the Bell Centre were perfect: we were high enough to see the entire stage and close enough to actually see the artists perform (without having to look at the huge screens, if you know what I mean).

Are you a Mercedes-Benz customer? What are you waiting for to use the perks of driving a Benz! Get your next concert tickets now! For more info on Mercedes-Benz Star Access, click here.