Top 3 Bars in Barcelona


After dinner in what became my favorite Tapas restaurant, and with a good dose of Sangria de Cava and some chupitos (shots) already in our systems, my friends and I were happily headed to that Venezuelian bar called El Rabipelao, on Carrer Mercé, where God knows how many Mojitos were drunk, and how many crazy pictures were taken. – Mind you, Melanie and I were literally dancing our way there, rehearsing our Zumba choreography, while I played “Si tu Quieres Vete”  on my phone.
For some reasons that are totally beyond my understanding, El Rabipelao is very popular among the French community in Barcelona. The narrow and overcrowded place creates a sense of closeness that has people who don’t even know each other to start conversations as if they were long lost friends.

The board that reads “LEO DICAPRIO HAS NEVER BEEN HERE” will have you raise a smile as you pass by, and pique your interest. They have the weirdest canvas displayed on their walls, and a huge screen that plays black and white movies from the sixties with half naked women dancing, which is a little awkward, but hey, why not!

This bar is dear to my heart, just because my friends and I spent most of our friday/saturday nights there, sipping on some delicious Mojitos before partying the night away.  Ah, sweet memories… 🙂 






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My friend had told her boyfriend that I wanted to go to a Latin bar, so he took us to this Cuban bar called Shango, where we spent a good amount of time too, over our five-month stay in Barcelona. They play Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and some Reggaeton, and serve STRONG Mojitos. (They even give salsa classes!) It is mainly frequented by the Latin community in Barcelona, which felt like heaven on earth for me, given my unconditional love for this culture. So if you want to feel like you’re in Latin America, go to Shango!

Note the address: Carrer Groch, 2, 08002.


Me x My friend


After two or three Mojitos, things get steamy! 😀 

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3. NO SÉ

My flatmate took made me discover this place and they make the most delicious cocktails ever! My go-to drink is always a Mojito de Fresa (Strawberry Mojito), so I ordered one and I’m not sure if that’s what the guy gave me because as you can see on the pictures below, he also put watermelon and cherries in it but listen, whatever it was, it was absolutely exquisite, not to mention that the glass was huge: Even better! 😉 (My friend later explained to me that the reason why their cocktails are so good is because they taste them first and adjust whatever needs to be added before handing them to the clients.) Let me warn you that the place is quite small and often super crowded, like most bars in Barcelona, however their cocktails are most definitely worth a visit. I would suggest to go have a cocktail or two at Nosé, before heading to El Rabipelao or Shango Bar for more drinks, and theeen go dance the night away!

Note the address: Passeig Del Borne 2108003.

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Drink responsibly!

Or not! 😉

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