Best Clubs In Barcelona

When I arrived in Barcelona, the first clubs my friends and I went to are the most popular ones, p-a-c-k-e-d with tourists, at La Barceloneta: Shoko, Opium, and so on. If you’re into Electro music, you may find your happiness there. I was desperately looking for clubs that played Latin music. And my prayers were about to be answered:

  1. LA FIRA 

My best friend had come to visit me from the UK, and my flatmate suggested we went to a club called La Fira, where he said, Reggaeton, and Commercial music were the genres played. We followed him and had an amazing time! They also have a bunch of sexy male dancers who turn the club upside down as they shake it for the ladies. 😉 – Not to mention the bouncers are pretty easy on the eye too! :p


Saturday afternoon. After brunch, and a relaxing day at the beach, Maily and I parted ways to get ready to meet Mel and Clem for dinner.
The girls had been waiting for us for an hour (literally) outside the subway station, and after handing them two chocolate bars that I had bought to make it up for our late arrival, we were headed to Port Olympic for a night to remember!

It was my first time on that side of the port. The area had a North African/South-American/good girls-should-not-be-hanging-out-here feel to it: The narrow alley was full of shisha bars, from which male customers were screaming, inviting us in as we walked by, Turkish restaurants, and clubs that looked dubious, having me secretly vow never to set foot there, ever again.

We eventually made our way to a nicer area, and settled in a restaurant.

On our way back toward the beach after dinner, and still indecisive as to where we wanted to go dancing, we heard Enrique Iglesias’ hit song “Bailando” blasting from one of the very clubs that I had secretly vowed never to set foot in just a few hours earlier. – I like to say that that song was the anthem of the time we spent in Barcelona. We listened to it 25896739289484756 times – As always whenever that song would come on, we got above and beyond excited, we rushed into the club, and started dancing like there. was. no. tomorrow. They played the BEST set of Reggaeton tunes, I was in my musical heaven!

We ended up trying 4 or 5 clubs that are lined up there, (the entrance was free), and we had the time of our LIVES! That night was honestly the most fun I’ve had in 5 months. Mainly because I love dancing and Reggaeton/RnB/Commercial music is my favorite and the clubs at Port Olympic played AMAZING music to dance to. Yes, the area is a little dodgy, if you are looking for classy, fashionable people, then that is probably not the appropriate place to go. However, if all you want is to have an a.m.a.z.i.n.g time, dance for your life to the best Reaggaeton, Bachata, RnB and some commercial music, than Port Olympic is THE place to be! That area turned out to be my favorite place to go dancing even though my friends were not huge fans of it. It was a lil too ghetto for them 😀


Calling all fashion killers! You will most definitely fall in love with Sutton. Full of beautiful, dressed to impress people, the club has two rooms: a big one that plays commercial hits and a small one that will have you move your hips all night long, to the latest Reggaeton/Bachata/RnB hits.
My advice: go there on Thursdays before 2 am for free entrance.

These are my three favorite clubs, given the type of music that I enjoy.
But there is a host of other clubs worth trying. The first one that comes to my mind is Eclipse, on the 29th floor of the W Hotel. They have two rooms: one (always full) that focuses on electro music and another one that plays AMAZING Rap, RnB and Dance Hall music. – The set list was so good, that I had to remove my heels to be able to give my all on the dance floor. The DJ gave me LIFE! – Go there on sundays!

Now all my party people, put your dancing shoes on and get ready to shake your bo(o)dy until the sun rises hasta que salga el sol!

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