Use Silk To Clean Your Face


COSRX is a young Korean brand founded in 2014. The brand focuses on researching new active ingredients and using healthy components to nourish the skin for optimal efficiency.
Their packaging is minimalistic, far from the cute and girly look we are used to seeing in Korean Cosmetics: their image is more mature and health-oriented.

Once you have fallen in love with Asian Cosmetics, it is really hard to get away from it. There is so much innovation and an endless variety of products that you always want to try new ones. Having a perfectly bright, smooth and free from imperfections skin should be on top of every woman’s beauty goal list (makeup can only hide so many imperfections). That is the reason why it is important to choose the products of your layering routine wisely. Reading tons of reviews before acquiring a product you do not know yet is a must. I personally like to use playful products that hide a strong potential, exactly like those little silky bombs that I am going to introduce you to in this article.

Those funny-looking little cocoons are made with real silk imported from Japan. They are exfoliating silk cocoons made to clean skin’s imperfections, blackheads and sebum excess, thus visibly clearing and tightening pores.

Those silky cocoons are simple and handy to use: dip the silk cocoon in lukewarm water for about five minutes in order to soften it a bit, then fit your finger into it and gently massage skin.

The silk makes it really soft for the skin, meaning you can use them even if you have a dry/ sensitive skin. But you have to remember to always be gentle when massaging your face, while insisting on the most clogged areas. Beware, insisting on certain areas does not mean in any case rubbing your skin until it becomes red and itchy. It just means to massage a bit longer those areas. But always be gentle, not to aggress and irritate your skin because you would get the opposite effect.

Using silk and its benefits is a gentle exfoliation process. Silk contains dozens of amino acids that enhance skin elasticity and repair it. Silk is also used as UV barrier, antioxidant and a natural anti-inflammatory. One silk cocoon can be re-used 2 or 3 times, on the condition you store it in a hygienic environment.

I was blown away by the effectiveness of these small silk cocoons. Their effectiveness far exceeded my expectations. Upon first use I was thrilled with the result, the skin is smoothed, deeply cleansed and what I remember most is the skin softness after exfoliation.

I had never seen my skin as soft and as clean. I could really see the difference between all the masks, patches and other anti-blackheads treatments that I had tried and the silk cocoons, they are by far most effective and natural too. This is a traditional method used in Asia.

These small silk cocoons are sold by the Korean brand COSRX, it is a brand that I like a lot, for the efficiency of its products. I have had the opportunity to try out several products made by this brand and was never disappointed.

Each bag contains 12 cocoons, knowing that one cocoon can be used multiple times, it happens to be a really interesting investment. I’m really in love with these cocoons, my pores have never been as clean as since I started using them, I’m not ready to let it go! If you are as fond as me of new and fun products, go get yours, your skin will thank you!



Author: Elisa Mendeselisaj

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